Prodir - Create Your Own Pen Or Pencil

Internationally award-winning design, outstanding writing technology and wide-ranging personalisation options make Prodir writing instruments personalisable brand ambassadors. Sustainable and socially responsible, the pens are produced in Switzerland from cap to tip.

Prodir have been manufacturing personalised pens for companies throughout the World. Their Swiss made promotional pens stand out for their style, design, shape and materials.

Complementary pens are an effective promotional item for every Company and a useful gift for the people receiving them. Prodir manufacture a wide range of pen and pencil models, and personalise them by pad and screen printing. Forty years of experience in the field have made Prodir a reliable and internationally renowned partner for the supply of designer, high quality personalised pens. Our experience has allowed us to reach a high level of specialisation in pen and pencil personalisation with logos of any kind.

The Prodir range of pens and pencils are truly remarkable and give you the opportunity to create your own pen or pencil from a massive range of colours and options. On our site you can change the colours and formats of most parts of the pens or pencils and thus create a totally unique writing instrument totally suited to your brand